This is Peiye (Tia) Zhuang

Who am I

I am a PhD student (start from 2018) in Computer Science department, UIUC, working with Sanmi Koyejo and Alexander Schwing. My research interest lies in developing machine learning and computer vision algorithms, including developing generating model architectures and applying the approaches in vision domains.

What's new!

Jan. 2021 - One paper was accepted to ICLR, 2021.

May 2020 - I will work remotely as a research intern in Computational Photography group @Facebook.

May 2019 - I will work as a research intern in Graphics Intelligence learning lab @Adobe, CA.

Mar. 2019 - I received ISBI Travel Award (10 winners in total).

Dec. 2018 - One paper was accepted to ISBI.

Dec. 2018 - I received a NeurIPS Workshop Travel Award.

Selected publications

Peiye Zhuang, Sanmi Koyejo, Alexander G. Schwing, "Enjoy Your Editing: Controllable GANs for Image Editing via Latent Space Navigation" (ICLR'21). ([Paper], [Code], [Video])

Peiye Zhuang, Bliss Chapman, Ran Li, and Sanmi Koyejo, "Synthetic Power Analyses: Empirical Evaluation and Application to Cognitive Neuroimaging" (Asilomar'19). ([Paper])

Carl Yang, Peiye Zhuang, Wenhan Shi, Alan Luu, and Pan Li, "Conditional Structure Generation through Graph Variational Generative Adversarial Nets" (NeurIPS'19). ([Paper], [Code])

Peiye Zhuang, Alexander G. Schwing, and Sanmi Koyejo, "fMRI Data Augmentation Via Synthesis" (ISBI'19). ([Paper], [Code])


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