About Me


I'm Peiye Zhuang (庄佩烨 in Chinese) and I am a research scientist in Creative Vision team at Snap. My current research investigates generative models for vision domains including images, videos, 3D and 4D. I completed my PhD in Computer Science department at Stanford (2022-2023) and UIUC (2018-2022), advised by Sanmi Koyejo and Alexander Schwing. I previously interned with the Brain Team at Google, as well as the MLR team at Apple, the Computational Photography team at Meta, and Adobe.

This website contains a collection of my original individual and collaborative works, along with random photographs. I have a deep passion for my career in artificial intelligence and computer vision, and fortunate that it twists with my love for photography, sports, and arts. I welcome discussions about my work and related reasearch directions.

Email: pzhuang@snapchat.com